We established our first restaurant in Riyadh Saudi Arabia backed in 1999. We expanded our business in india as brand Heaven’s Park Fried Chicken with our first outlet in Madurai in December 2013, Since that date we continue to prepare Authentic,Tasty and High Quality Foods. And we are presenting it in the most delicious way. Now we have opened our new branch in our capital Chennai with an impressive Menu. Our vision is to be the World’s Best Arabian and Multi Cuisine Restaurant offering customers a variety of delicious Halal Foods. Our strategy is to promote our products & more outlets and make people to become our Heaven’s Park restaurant’s proud customers. We Heaven’s Park Restaurants chain have branches in Madurai, Ramanathapuram and Chennai. All this made the brand of Heaven’s park restaurants an important place in the consumer's mind. Through our hard work and dedication we are doing our best to become a leading and distinctive brand in the world of food in India.


We offer spicy and delicious foods such as: Yummy Special Biriyani, Arab Mandi Rice, Lipsmacking Grilled, Tandoori, Gravies, Soups, Shawarma, Our Signature Fried Chicken, Wraps, Burgers, Juices and many other varieties based on Certified Halal Ingredients chosen for our customers. We offer the Finest Quality Food with yummy recipe and service to ensure our customers the best experience and service.in consistent with our aspiration for the hereafter, i.e., of the "LOVE TO BE IN HEAVEN” !.


Heaven’s Park products ranges from Yummy Biriyani, Arab Mandi Rice , Delicious Chicken, Mutton, Fish, Gravies, Grill, Tandoor , Signature Fried Chicken, Burgers, Wraps and many varieties of juices plus many others. Heaven’s Park also offers luscious and other localized fare. Heaven’s Park providing our customers the Best Halal and Quality Food, Many Varieties, Good Taste, Value for Money, Excellent Service to enjoy the wonderful experience.


We are Certified by Halal India. All Ingredients we use are Halal Ingredients. Thus we are 100% Halal. Our Chicken is Slaughtered by Hand according to Islamic Law. Heaven’s Park has been Certified for Halal by Madurai Jamathul Ulama Sabai and Halal India Ltd. We are always conscious in Quality and Halal of all products.